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Sport & Performance Therapy

As a former NFL Players Assistance Clinician, Mary continues to provide services to athletes and their families.
In 2016, Guy McIntyre, director of alumni affairs for the 49ers, and Mary compiled a "Playbook" of service for former NFL players and presented this at the 49ers Annual Alumni week-end that year.


Mary is a member of the USOPC Mental Health Registry, the NBA Players Association Mental Health Registry, and the NFLPA Mental Health Registry.


Her work includes a comprehensive assessment identifying psychological and/or emotional barriers impeding performance as well as using behavioral and cognitive interventions with clients to work through each obstacle that is impeding performance.


She views herself as a "MENTAL FITNESS EXPERT” who can provide psychological counseling for athletes/performers in addition to performance enhancement services.   One of her specialty areas 

Is working with highly competitive teams to identify and strategize why team performance declines and to develop a strategic and customized plan for optimal performance.

"I have found it to be extremely satisfying to work with all levels of athletes and performers on enhancing performance. I am continually impressed with their energy, discipline, dedication and commitment."


  • Individual and Team/Group Assessment and Goal Setting for collegiate, young adult and senior athletes and performers seeking performance enhancement

  • Psychotherapy/counseling for athletes/performers with symptoms consistent with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, Trauma, Addiction and Relationship Issues

  • Managing conflicts that emerge due to competitiveness and misunderstanding in sport

  • Career transitions and working with athletes/performers in re-defining their sense of self post-sport

  • AASP (Association Applied Sport Psychologists) approved mentor for mentees on track to become CMPC (Certified Mental Performance Consultants)

*Mary works with clients collegiate age and above

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