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Individuals, Couples & Family Therapy


Licensed Marriage Family Therapist

California Certified Mediator

My roots are in individual, couple and family therapy, working to nurture healthy and enriching relationships. I draw from a variety of techniques associated with Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Adlerian theory.  Systems Therapy focuses on current relationship patterns to gain insight into each member’s role as it relates to the healthy functionality of the whole.

I work with many clients on addiction-related concerns, depression, anxiety and PTSD.  At Stanford University, I ran a Substance Use/Abuse Discussion Group for faculty and staff and a similar group for family and friends with concerns about a loved one's substance use.

Marriage & Family

Applied Sport & Exercise Psychology


Certified Consultant in Applied Sport Psychology

My goal as a Sport & Performance Therapist is to help you achieve your personal best. 

Sport & Performance Psychology

I have found it to be extremely satisfying to work with all levels of athletes and performers on enhancing performance.  I am continually impressed with their energy, discipline, dedication and commitment.  My work includes a comprehensive assessment identifying psychological and/or emotional barriers impeding performance. Using behavioral and cognitive interventions, we work through each obstacle that is impeding performance.


I work with athletes and performers high school age and above.

Career Transitions


Athletes and performers have frequent transitions in their careers, due to injury, age and/or retirement.  As a former NFL Players Assistance Clinician, I continue to provide services to athletes and their families.   In 2016, Guy McIntyre, director of alumni affairs for the 49ers, and I compiled a "Playbook" of services for former NFL players and presented this at the 49ers Annual Alumni week-end.


A particular interest of mine is working with athletes/performers in re-defining their sense of self post-playing. This includes expanding self-identity, exploring interests and competences, setting new goals and putting a strong support structure in place.

Workshops, Seminars & Consulting


California Certified Mediator

Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP)

I am available to conduct workshops, trainings and seminars on a variety of topics

My workshops are adapted to address the specific needs of each target audience. For example, Communication Strategies for Difficult Conversations with Your Teenager will be quite different than Communication Strategies for Difficult Conversations with Your Employees.


Educational, professional, medical and corporate clients include:  Stanford Hospital, Lucille Packard Hospital, Various departments at Stanford University (Graduate Education, Work-Life, Public Safety, Faculty Staff Help Center & Bechtel International Center), UC Santa Cruz Extension, National University, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, workshop presenter at Association for Applied Sport Psychology annual conferences and 

Educational Consultant for 

"Crash Course" on Concussions.

Workshops & Seminars Include:


  • Identifying and Managing Stressors in the Work Place    

  • Communication Strategies for Difficult Conversations in the Workplace    

  • Workshop Series: Interventions for Supervising and Coaching Challenging Employees in the Work Place   

  • Grief in the Workplace    

  • Home Away from Home:  How Adult Children of Alcoholics Present Themselves at Work

Diversity & Inclusion

  • Black Lives Matter! Or Do They Really?  When and How to Address Differences in Working with People who are Different from You.

  • Anti-Bias Conversations with Early Educators Series

  • Unique Stressors for Women of Color

  • Taking Care of Self: Obstacles to Self-Care for Women of Color

Relationships & Parenting

  • Parenting Under Pressure

  • Long-Term Relationships: Couples in it for the Long Haul

  • Communication Strategies for Difficult Conversations with a Loved One

  • Impact of Substance Abuse/Addiction on Families and Children

  • Coping with a Loved One's Substance Use/Misus

  • Taking Care of Self: Obstacles to Self-Care

  • When the Going Gets Tough:

Healthy Ways to Escape Reality

Other Services:

I provide employee related consulting services to organizations and teams including:

  • Confidential assessments, short-term counseling, referrals, and follow-up services to employees who have personal and/or work-related problems

  • Mediation, negotiation and compromise assistance

  • Consultant to faculty on  managing stressors in academia

  • Critical incident debriefing

  • Strategies for managing employee stress

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